Where to play checkers online with friends

Draughts have moved from being played only on traditional checkers board to online platforms. Right now, people can play draughts online via mobile apps or web-based platforms. At the moment, there are lots of sites and apps where you can play draughts, but we provide you with the best experience.

Our platform allows you to play checkers/draughts with friends or against computer. The rules are integrated; when a piece finds its way to an opponent’s home row, it turns to a king and can make forward/backward moves. Also, mandatory jumps are inevitable, so you should watch out.

Whether you’re playing with a friend or against computer, you can only move once per turn. To play draughts online, you need an active internet connection.

Where to play checkers online with friends?

Visit an online checkers game website and click on “Two Players” or “vs friend.” Either of these options will allows you to play checkers online with your friends or family. If your friends are many, it can be played in sessions; a defeated draughtsman may be substituted for another one.

Playing checkers online is really fun; you and your friends would definitely enjoy the play. Now, you do not need traditional checkers’ board to play one of the most played games in the world.

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