Play checkers vs computer unblocked

You can play free checkers’ games online. In fact, playing checkers (draughts) online vs. computer helps improve your gameplay tactics; you will learn more tricks and strategic moves to beat your opponents’ offline.

Here you can choose the difficulty level, player mode, color of pieces you’d love to use, and even a board size (8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12). When you play draughts online, it is relatively more fun and intriguing. Also, irrespective of your region, online checkers’ game is unblocked for everyone. The game is legal and not actually restricted to certain age brackets.

Unblocked checkers

The game on our site is free and is not blocked.

The rules when you play checkers vs. computer is the same as the general rules of playing draughts – capture all your opponent’s men or put him/her in a tight corner where he cannot make any possible moves anymore.

Also, the rule of mandatory jumps applies when you play online. You will enjoy almost the same feeling and excitement as with playing with friends offline. However, the computer opponent might be fast-thinking than you; so, you need to be strategic and watch out for “kings” that can move back & forth. In all, you only need to be smart to beat an opposing draughtsman.

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