Play checkers online free against computer

You can play checkers online against computer. Interestingly, you can set the difficulty to any level of your choice and enjoy a seamless experience. It is also possible to choose between 8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12 checkers board.

To play checkers online vs computer, you have to choose one player mode.  Jumps are also supported when you play online, and you can deploy strategic tricks to lure your opponent (computer) to tight corners where they might get stuck! If you’d love to play with a friend or family, choose the two players mode.

Your checkers’ pieces can be kinged when you play online, and this allows you to move the piece anywhere on the board!

Online board games provide much flexibility and deliver almost the same fun-filled experience with real humans (offline). Apply all tricks and strategies you know about playing checkers to beat the computer or your online opponent.

More so, one player checkers can help you to learn the game before you start to play with your friends offline.

The rules remain the same, move diagonally and jump over your opponent’s piece when there’s an opportunity for that. In a bid to win against computer, pile up your pieces diagonally to restrict your opponent from jumping over; a jump is only achievable when there’s a free square in front of an opponent’s piece.

As with the offline checkers game, the player with lighter (white) pieces makes the first move, and then the other player follows suit.

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