How many spaces can a king move in checkers

When a piece is crowned king in a draughts game, it is empowered with much more flexibility than the others on the checkers’ board. A king can move anywhere on the board to capture an opponent’s men.

Just as the other pieces (in English Draughts), Kings can only move one space. However, a king is allowed to move either back or forth, while other pieces can only move forward. In contrast, kings (flying kings) in International Draughts can move many spaces at a time.

Flying Kings In Checkers

“Flying Kings” is used to identify kings in international checkers’ game. In international draughts/checkers, a king can fly all the way to capture an opponent’s man if the subsequent square ahead of the opponent’s man is unoccupied.

Can You Jump Yourself In Checkers?

It is wrong to jump over your piece (also called man) in the checkers game. You can only jump over an opponent’s piece (usually painted another color).

Can A Single Checker Jump A King?

Although kings have a high level of power on the checkers’ board, they can still be captured. If an opponent’s “king” piece falls into your trap, you can jump over it and capture. Yes, single checkers piece can jump over kings.

Can A King Jump His Own Man?

No. In checkers, a piece (whether a king or not) cannot jump over another piece of the same color (his own man).

Can You Go Backwards / Move Back In Checkers?

Unless the piece is a “King,” you cannot move backward in English Checkers. But in international and Russian draughts, you can move both back and forth regardless of whether it’s a “king” piece or not.

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