Best Checkers Strategy

Every game is controlled by its rules, and there are strategies you must follow to emerge as a winner. In playing the checkers (draughts) game, there are some strategic moves you can make to throw your opponent into deep confusion and win the game.

Moving diagonally can help you win a checkers game duel, but when you face a tougher opponent, then you need to be more technical – that’s where these tips come in.

Best Checkers Strategies

Always practice alone: you can always engage with playing checkers online – this can help to improve your comprehension about the game rules, moves, tricks, etc.

Stay at the edge: one unfailing checkers strategy is to get to the edge/corner and stay there. Pieces at the edge cannot be jumped over or capture. But you have to be careful; else, you may get stuck.

Be willing to sacrifice a few pieces: you have to be ready and willing to sacrifice one or more pieces to get your opponent into a trap.

Flexibility: Some players believe that defensive play is one of the best techniques, but that’s not true. Try to be flexible, spread out your pieces, move en masse, and always be sensitive.

Best Checkers Moves

Become a king: make moves towards gaining a crown. Once crowned, you will have the power to bring back a previously captured piece.

Remain at home: a king is crowned when a piece gets into the opponent’s home row. But if you remain at home, there’s no way your opponent’s piece can be crowned.

Block your opponent: the rule of checkers is that when a player is unable to make a move, the other player is the winner. So, try to block your opponent in a way that he/she can’t move anymore.

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